Friday, January 01, 2016


So it would appear I didn't blog at all during 2015. I had the time, and I certainly had the subject matter. 2015 was a good but busy year for me, mainly due to the fact that I got married on the 31st of October. Yes, I picked Halloween for a reason. Back when this site started in 2002(!) I was a teenage Goth, and now I'm a 30-something Goth. I might wear less eyeliner and white foundation now (I'm a receptionist, and it really wouldn't go down well at work), but I still like the music and general aesthetic. Milton Keynes might not have much (any) of a scene, but I can still stick The Sisters of Mercy on iTunes and dance like I've lost my contact lenses ;)
So, I had a Big Purple Wedding, wearing a Big Purple Dress and a long purple wig. I walked into the ceremony room to the theme from the 1980's "fuzzy felt" Moomins, and we signed the register to a Meat Loaf song (because again, some things never change).
So, along with a lot of other resolutions (including a challenging amount of reading), I've decided to Blog more. Whether this is reviews or baking or general witterings I don't know yet. I will avoid the angst-fuelled moaning of my very early (deleted!) posts, because I'm in a much happier place now.
Thankfully some things do change!

Happy 2016,

Meatina x

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