Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Yesterday was day one of my Activity4Charity challenge, and I hit the day's target, having walked 10158 steps (well, more that that, but for some daft reason I took my pedometer off when I got home, and it stayed off for most of the evening). Whilst it was tiring,it was less tiring than I expected- I hadn't been doing much walking prior to this, so I was a bit out of practice.

Whilst my last challenge had me donning my hat and fluffy jumper, this one looks set to have me under a brolly, given the weather recently! Though walking home earlier the rain couldn't decide how hard it wanted to fall, so the brolly was up and down like a yo-yo.

Also, Mind (the charity I've chosen to support in this challenge) have published a piece I wrote for them. I was asked if I'd be willing to do so after the last event, and I was more than happy to, as I felt the challenge benefited me as well as them.

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